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Beit Anya Messianic Fellowship ... open to all ... part of the BMJAF

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Lots of Links
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On this page we will provide links to various resources. We may include topics and articles that will further your faith, educate you on important issues, or provide a little entertainment.

Here are links to a few more Messianic sites

British Messianic Jewish Alliance

Ariel Ministries

SaltShakers Messianic Community

and some more traditional Jewish sites

The Jewish National Fund - plant a tree in Israel.. and MUCH more!

Long, long ago.. in a family tree far away

and here's a few resource sites for teachers of Religious Education & other school related places well worth a visit


Religious Studies on the Web

Thanet Adders: Free practical help and awareness of AD/ADHD

Opening up a fullsize copy of
the Balfour Declaration