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October's meeting:
We watched the 40 minute documentary "The Forsaken Promise", from the Hatikvah Film trust.  This is a short version of a 3 - hour documentary whic has been made to show the difficulties surrounding the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.
It explains very clearly how Britain's attitude to the Jewish people has a direct link to receiving blessing or curse as Genesis 12 vv 2 - 3 will show.



Sukkot (Tabernacles) was celebrated with members of Beit HaGefen - in the Midlands. I had been invited to be their key speaker at a weekend away in Market Drayton.  During the weekend I introduced them to Rubinstein Crusoe and his Goy Friday,  explained how the Blitz was blamed on the Jews, shared my dad's recipe for Jewish omelette (go next door .. borrow a couple of eggs .. ) and managed to get in some tips on gardening (mainly grafting and pruning)


Mazal-Tov .. congratulations to him her, them and the others... Here's where we share great news about friends and members of BMJA.